Younger Optics Launches

Have everyone heard about Camber™ lens technology?  We are very excited about it.  This revolutionary design will again position your lab ahead of the competition.

Younger Optics Launches


Top Line: Younger Optics has launched a website, to explain Camber, the innovative new lens technology that combines complex curves on both surfaces of the lens to provide excellent vision correction.


Close Up: Younger Optics developed Camber Technology in order to improve the performance of digital progressive lenses by providing the ideal base curve in all zones of the lens. Camber Technology utilizes a unique new lens blank with a variable base curve, which means the front surface increases in optical power from the top to the bottom of the lens blank. This provides the appropriate base curve from the distance zone to the near zone, Younger said.


Wearers experience better vision in all zones compared to lenses made from single vision blanks. This includes an improved reading area that is more spacious and easier to find with the eye. In general, patients show faster adaptation, according to a wearer study. Camber lenses are fully customizable; variables that affect vision can be individualized to patient. In a wearer study, more wearers preferred Camber lenses to lenses of the same design made from single vision blanks, according to Younger Optics.


Camber lens blanks were designed with digital processing in mind. Camber lens blanks are convenient to stock, just like single vision blanks, but with higher levels of performance for the patient. Camber technology allows labs to provide premium quality digital lenses as part of their private label offering.


ECPs can give their patients better looking lenses with fewer frame limitations. Camber lenses tend to be flatter, especially for high plus and high add prescriptions, so these patients will receive more cosmetically appealing lenses with easier frame selection.


Vital Stats: The site offers detailed information about how the Camber lens works plus an animated, narrated video about the technology, an availability list and a list of labs that are currently offering lenses with Camber Technology.; (800) 877-5367


Please contact your local Younger rep to get more information about ordering, stocking and pricing on the Camber blanks.


Please contact Richard Hoerbelt ( to start your I.O.T. lens verification procedure.


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