Vision Web


VisionWeb, the premier technology services provider to the optical industry, and CC Systems, offer electronic integration between VisionWeb and CC Systems Labzilla lab management software. With this integration, labs running CC Systems lab management software receive electronic orders directly into their production process through VisionWeb’s online portal. These orders, automatically checked for accuracy and completeness, are electronically received and placed into processing by the lab’s CC Systems software, virtually eliminating delays associated with traditional ordering methods. Customers are able to track the status of their orders online, 24/7 using our LabLizard application.Options - Vision Web

  • VisionWeb was originally conceived in early 1999 by Essilor of America, Inc., as a way to harness the power of the Internet to create improvements and efficiencies for its customers. Realizing the value of a collaborative effort, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc., joined Essilor several months later. The two industry leaders founded VisionWeb, an independent company, to bring the speed, efficiency, and connectivity of the Internet to all participants in the eyecare industry – enhancing their productivity and profitability with a single resource to serve their informational, educational, and commerce needs. Advanced Medical Optics, Inc. (formerly Allergan), Jobson Publishing, Inc., Marchon Eyewear, Inc. , the American Optometric Association, and Transitions Optical, Inc. have since also become equity partners and affiliates of VisionWeb.
  • “We are very happy to be able to provide VisionWeb users with access to additional labs to make the ordering of their products more convenient,” said Mike O’Malley, Vice President of Business Development for VisionWeb. “Our ability to partner with labs running CC Systems Labzilla software brings us closer to our goal of seamlessly connecting the eyecare marketplace and serve both the eyecare practice and the optical laboratory.”
  • The benefits are many including data entry time and cost savings, enhanced customer service and a unique marketing advantage. The method of processing orders is identical to OpticalOnline remote ordering. Just assign a tray number and the order is complete.
  • VisionWeb has up to date lens listings, which can be modified to suit the individual labs needs. The data entry is structured in a similar manner to LabLizard remote ordering plus the ability to get generic shapes from retailers sent with uncut orders.