Tray Tracking


Allows immediate access to all orders for any customer from any screen without having to exit current screen

    • Provides the following information:
Order/Invoice Number Comments if delayed Date Received
Date delivered Status Code for Job Tracking Patient Name
Tray Number Complete Rx and Frame Information


  • Provides a print-out by customer and/or barcode station on all overdue jobs by dateTray Tracking
  • Unlimited tray tracking stations
  • Report for any job flagged as “HOT” on demand
  • Detailed audit trail of all stations that each job has passed through in the lab
  • Automatic updating of each tray at all devices including generator, blocker, edger and inventory control
  • Stops delivery of jobs to be coated, tinted or drilled (user defined) without confirmation of the function being completed
  • Detailed analysis of any Rx through complete production cycle, including time stamps between each operation
  • Custom create forms for outsourced orders including AR coating—forms user defined