Rx Lens Databases


Contains specifications for all semi-finished and finished blanks for over 150 major lens manufacturers around the world

Currently over 2,500,000 unique SKU’s available in our databases, including over 1,200 different lens types, over 55 different lens materials and over 22,500 possible lens combinations

  • Includes over 750,000 semi-finished SKU’s
  • Includes over 600,000 finished SKU’s
  • Includes over 1.3 million free form combinations

Communicates the following information to the Rx Processor:

Seg drop Seg inset Blank edge thickness
Usable Blank Marked front curve Blank center thickness
Front sag value Seg size Minimum Edge Thickness
True front curve Vendor Minimum Center Thickness
  • Automatically tailor calculations for center, edge or BOC placement for all lenses
  • Automatic data updates from our web site @ www.opticalonline.com—updated every two weeks
  • Create your own lenses in our user defined databases