Remote Ordering


Remote OrderingLabLizard – The ultimate business to business ecommerce software for the Internet.  Specializing in prescription lens data entry and digitized frame tracing.  Unique on screen data editing for accuracy and efficiency

  • Try a test order today – Launch LabLizard Login
    • Trace’N’Go — Transmit a frame trace and Rx order
    • LabLizard — Transmit Rx Information without a trace for uncut orders
  • Cloud based technology with any browser including an iPad
  • One page lab order Rx data entry via the Internet of lenses, digitized frame trace and frame orders.  Orders are directly transferred into a lab’s computer, eliminating any data entry required by the lab
    • No waiting or delays — Orders are directly downloaded from a secured Internet site into your lab”s software
    • On-screen editing ensures orders are sent once—accurately and 100% complete
    • Enter edged or uncut lens orders, lens add-ons and frame requirements
    • Attach any OMA compatible frame tracer or tablet to the dispenser’s computer and include an exact digitized three dimensional frame trace with the order — proven to be as accurate as tracing within your own lab
    • Each lab can customize the data available to each of their retailers — e.g. lenses combinations and descriptions
    • Web site is customized to be embedded within your lab’s web site
    • Each user has a unique a account number and password tied to a specified lab or wholesaler
  • Advantages and Benefits:
    • No software to install — fast and easy to use
    • All data is verified for accuracy and 100% completeness with on-screen editing
    • Lab can process lens orders within minutes of being entered by the dispenser
    • No more lost sales due to Patient Own Frame or Rush orders
    • Perfect decentration on uncut orders — minimize lens thickness and blank size
    • Eliminate telephone calls and faxes to the lab — order status updated by lab’s software
    • All data is saved for redo’s, resubmissions and reorders
    • Use any existing computer with Internet access
  • For ECP’s using practice management software, the “Send Trace Only” option eliminates double data entry by the ECP