Outsourcing Orders


We live in an integrated world.  Every lab has different specialties.  Some labs outsource certain materials such as glass, while others outsource very high Rx’s, slab offs, digital designs or national brands.  Some labs who are either finishing only or online retailers outsource all lab orders that require surfacing.

Whatever your needs are CC Systems can automate the process.

  • Transfer lab orders using Lab-2-Lab remotes to another CC Systems lab, or via Vision Web One to transfer orders to a lab using a different LMS, or organize an FTP site for any other non-integrated labs to retrieve their lab orders.
  • Whatever your outsourcing needs, there is no double data entry required and no cost.  The receiving lab pays to electronically receive the lab order.
  • Outsourcing can be fully automated using user defined scenarios (E.G. outsource to another specified lab based on lens style, lens material, rx, or retailer etc).  Outsourcing can be semi-automated by reviewing each order internally and then applying a Misc. item to trigger the outsourcing scenario.
  • Outsourced orders can either be transferred “as is”, or automatically altered to exclude misc. items such as tints and finishing options.

Either way, outsourcing automates and streamlines your lab.  No double data entry is ever required.