Maid2Measure by Optikam is the latest iPad technology to accurately measure every required dispensing dimension.Optikam user

  • Cost effective and simple to use,
  • High technology dispensing and marketing iPad application
  • Ideal dispensing tool to visually show different lens designs, materials and coatings
  • The perfect tool to visually demonstrate and up sell patients
  • Graphical images with material, coatings, tints and viewing conditions options
  • Up to four frame images, emailed for second opinion
  • Augmented reality comparisons between lenses and viewing conditions
  • Perfect to record Position of Wear measurements for high end Free Form designs
  • Instantly integrated with CC Systems’ LabLizard remote ordering web application
  • All dispensing measurements accurately recorded with one photograph
  • PD’s (Far and Near), Seg. Heights, Frame Box Measurements (A, B, ED, DBL)
  • Position of Wear including Vertex Fitted, Wrap and Pantoscopic Tilt

Position of Wear measurements are perfect for Free Form lens sales.  Accurate Seg. Heights are critical with any progressive order.

Training Video

Watch the Optikam experience – fast, easy and accurate: