Job Checking


Internet Job TrackingJob Checking is “live” data, fed directly from your lab’s server via a secure connection to an Internet web browser

  • Job Checking requires no software or set up on the ECP’s computer
  • Try a “live” demonstration:
    • From the Home Page, left click on the “Job Checking” link (located on the lower right hand side the screen)
    • Enter the appropriate Username and Password as assigned by your lab and click Enter to continue. Each retailer will be assigned by you with their own unique Username and Password.
    • As a demonstration, use Username = 15 and Password = 15
    • Click on Job Status to review orders for the past “x” days – the number of days is defined for each customer by the lab
    • The lab invoice #, date ordered (i.e. date entered into your lab’s computer), patient name, P.O. # or reference information, lab tray #, type (edged/uncut) and last status are displayed. Your lab can add a customized promotional message at the top of the screen.
    • The Lab Invoice, Date Ordered, Patient and P.O. columns may be resorted by clicking on the appropriate column heading. Job checking initially sorts the orders by lab invoice #, with shipped orders displayed after work-in-progress orders.
    • The last status description is determined by the last workstation that the lab tray was scanned, complete with the day and time. Any inappropriate tray station descriptions such as “Scan & Verify” can either be hidden from the customer or given an alternate description.
    • Click on the appropriate Lab Invoice # to review the details of each order. All information displayed is identical to the invoice details for each order, including pricing details.
    • Recoup the cost of offering Job Checking as a free service to your lab accounts, by selling advertising space to your suppliers
  • Labs that are already using Job Checking are effectively eliminating 80% of all telephone calls from their customers, teaching their customers to use the Internet, driving Internet traffic to their own web sites and paving the way for all orders to be electronically sent via the Internet.