I.O.T. (Indizen Optical Technologies)

I.O.T. (Indizen Optical Technologies)I.O.T. (Indigent Optical Technologies)

I.O.T. is the world’s most successful free form lens design software (LDS) supplier.  I.O.T. has more integrated LDS installations than any other LDS supplier, including the well known national brands.

Why is I.O.T. so successful?  They do everything better.  Technically they have better designs with wider fields of view, better clarity, less distortion and less swim & sway effect, a wider range of designs, better click fee prices, better technical support, training and installations, better marketing support and better product quality control validations.

Everything is designed to brand you as the manufacturer.  You become the BRAND that matters.

Coupled with CC Systems extensive in-house free form lab management experience, our I.O.T. installations are more successful, more seamlessly integrated, implemented faster, your lab staff are better trained by our experienced optical experts, with faster customer acceptance and less remakes.

With over 100 LDS installations completed, CC Systems has been representing I.O.T. since 2009.