Invoicing & Pricing

RX INVOICING AND PRICINGRx Invoicing and Pricing

Automatically prices and invoices every order at the point of data entry—no double keying

  • Unique “grid” pricing significantly reduces clerical time to create and maintain price lists
  • Generates invoices for all Rx orders, printed at order entry or at shipping
  • Eliminates filing of hard copies, thereby preventing lost or misfiled paperwork
  • Eliminate the need to match up control and production documentation before shipping
  • All prescriptions priced automatically and correctly—reduces clerical time and costly billing mistakes
  • Allows for self maintenance of 999 uniquely different Rx Price lists
  • Custom create packages for frame and lens or add-on combinations
  • Allows reprinting or recalculation of any Rx delivered or in progress, including digitized frame trace
  • Shipping manifest for all types of couriers automatically produced on demand
  • Generate packing slips
  • Credit card processing—accepts credit card transactions as a form of payment at order entry
  • Discount specific items for an individual account within any price list
  • Suppress the dollar amounts on the printed invoices when applicable