Inventory Control


Sophisticated inventory control system, custom built specifically for the optical industry

  • Options - Inventory ControlInventory control
    • The system computes inventory levels based on your business activity, eliminating manual entry of minimum and maximum inventory levels
    • Eliminate all unnecessary stock
  • Calculations based on quantities on hand, on order, lead time, annual turnovers required and moving average usage from a 12 week period
  • Ultimate lens databases—All major lens companies’ lenses and their barcodes on file
  • Compatibility with all major barcode scanners on the market to date
  • Ordering—purchase order creation, printing and electronic transfers
    • Automatic purchase orders with the capability to fax or modem orders to your suppliers
    • Electronic orders sent via Opticom (
    • FTP orders directly to all integrated suppliers
    • Manual orders
    • Daily orders—based on one-for-one replenishments
    • Short orders—actual orders missing suitable substitutes
    • Minimum quantity levels—specific to groups of lenses
    • J-I-T—Just-In-Time based on calculated requirements
  • Stock substitution
    • Create suitable substitute lenses—E.G. alternate vendors, coated rather than uncoated
    • Automatic recalculation and reprinting work tickets where required
  • Receiving and returns
    • Received orders—P.O. is accessed and items not received are logged as backordered
  • Physical counts—audits, variances and cycle counts
  • Costing—standard or average cost
  • Reporting—sales, usage, optimum levels, slow movers, average usage over time
    • Usage Reports by period, item or vendor
    • Dump obsolete stock and identify fast movers allowing you to replenish quickly
    • Inventory valuation report, optimum on hand or slow movers