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4 years ago I felt like Lewis and Clarke braving the new territories and venturing into the unknown by trying to bring private label progressives into my small retail stores. Big machines with just proved new technologies carrying big price tags were the only thing available to optical labs and retailers alike. Install and delivery times were generally quoted in months and weeks. Progressive lens software designers used math and economics to sway the consumer but had little customer satisfaction data to back it up.

There has been a whole evolution in the lab business with 95% of optical laboratories offering a private label progressive. Customer delivery times have decreased; while adaption and satisfaction rates have soared beyond predications. Profits have now been placed back into the hands of the independent laboratories giving them greater freedom to choose manufactures and products. Software and equipment installation schedules have also dropped from weeks to days. Troubleshooting, if necessary, can be done over the Internet at home offices located in the United States and abroad.

I can’t wait to see the changes in the next 4 years!

Brian Boddy, ABOMFree Form Articles
Acoma Optical, Santa Fe, NM