Lens Fabrication


The system is designed to make Rx Processing as automated as possible.

  • An extensive range of settings can accommodate any lab equipment and requirement.
    • Compensated and uncompensated tools
    • Tools index and tools rounding
    • Different types of surface blocking
    • Free form, CNC and manual generators
    • Three different ways of grinding thinning prism
  • Thickness parameters can be define by material, by lens type and even by the color of the lens
  • Each material can be set to specific tool index and prism index
  • Each material can be set to different power compensations
  • Lenses can be individually set for specific layout, thickness charts, block charts, prism chart and cribbing chart
  • Required minimum edge can be set for different frame types- E.G. Metal, Drilled, Grooved, and Safety
  • For manual generator, settings to reduce elliptical error
  • The most extensive machine interface program, including all manufacturers capable of interface—E.G. Schneider, Coburn, National Optronics, Nidek, Weco, SatisLOH, Optek, Berkshire CNC OptiDrill, Briot, Topcon, Essilor and all OMA compliant equipment
  • In Job Entry Screen, Field Validation Table prevent from entering “bad” data
  • Shift F1 Key provides on screen assistance for every field in Job Entry Screens
  • For each field with multiple choices F1 lookup key available
  • Operator training time reduced to an absolute minimum