VSP Eyefinity


CC Systems is proud to have been chosen by Eyefinity, the optical industry’s most widely used Internet portal, to be the first lab software system to integrate VSP and private lab orders from EyeFinity’s portal directly into its system, including all pricing and invoicing for any VSP plan. The integration is seamless, eliminating the need to audit order entry before processing.

  • Eyefinity serves over 18,000 private eyecare practices and 320 optical laboratories, and processes more than 25 million transactions per year.
  • “Eyefinity is committed to developing new technology aimed at streamlining processes between the private practice and optical laboratories,” says Dave Delle Donne, Eyefinity’s vice president of sales and marketing. “This joint development with CC Systems demonstrates both organizations’ desire to bring valued solutions to private practice.”
  • The benefits are many including data entry time and cost savings, enhanced customer service and a unique marketing advantage. The method of processing orders is identical to our OpticalOnline / LabLizard remote ordering. Just assign a tray number and the order is ready to be processed.
  • Configure your system to automatically invoice VSP for certain benefit plans or take advantage of “Private” plans, whereby retailers use the VSP pricing but are responsible for the invoice themselves.
  • As orders are shipped, Eyefinity orders are automatically updated on the Eyefinity web site. No intervention required.
  • Payments from Eyefinity are automatically processed, matched and posted to your VSP account, using Open Item accounting.  Any over or under payment balances are consigned to your designated General Ledger account with a discrepancy report automatically generated.