3rd Party Pricing


(Medicaid, Insurance, Safety and Industrial)

Automatically produce multiple transactions (invoices) for a single order by splitting the fees between the provider, the paying agent and the patient. Also included are EDI transfers to the Third Party payer.

  • End-to-end VSP processing
  • Create and transmit claims in HIPPA approved X-12/837 format
  • Receive HIPPA X-12/837 payment for automatic cash application processing
  • Configure co-pays and allowances by the individual paying agent
  • Create user definable fields capturing data such as Date of Birth, Date Of Service, Provider Panel Numbers, Medicaid/Medicare Numbers, Authorization codes, etc.
  • Translate standard optical items into their actual corresponding CPT/VCodes
  • Eligibility checks including validating any third party including Medicare/Medicaid numbers
  • Transmit EOM (end of month) statements electronically expediting processing time